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"What an incredibly beautiful voice,  full in the middle ranges and, in the high ranges, as straight as an arrow. She sang with a clarity; that surprised me. Why didn’t I know her? Underneath which rock had she been lying?"

"Elrieke once played a house concert in the house of the old manager of a famous dutch band who couldn’t believe what he heard: “Why haven’t we heard of her before!!"




2005 is the start of singer songwriter Elrieke van Gelderen music adventure when she has her first stage performance at an open mic in Waalwijk (The Netherlands). That’s where she meets folksinger-guitarist Leopold Geldtmeijer.


Influenced and inspired by Leopold, Elrieke starts playing the guitar, starts writing songs and together they perform on many stages. At that same time she plays in the band “A Woman’s Voice”, where she plays at a well known Jazz Festival in The Netherlands.

In 2008 Elrieke and Leopold meet Chris and Linda Simpson of the English Folk Band Magna Carta (Airport Song, Lord of the Ages). Her music develops in more serious shapes and forms and Elrieke quits her day job as a social worker, moves to another part of The Netherlands, closer to Leopold, and she dedicates her life to music.

In 2010 Linda Simpson asks Elrieke to join her in her Sisters in Song Project and together with Leopold they tour in 2010/2011 in The Netherlands and The United Kingdom. They also make recordings for a CD together with drummer Paul Burgess (10CC, Joan Armatrading), Andy Tilleson and Jonathan Barrett.

The British love Elrieke and Leopold and after Sisters in Song, Elrieke and Leopold tour numerous counts from North to South England. On the occasion of their Summer Tour through the UK, they make their EP ‘A Touch Of The Dutch-Summer Tour 2013 together with sound engineer Willem Bart Huart.

At the same time Elrieke makes her EP “Key To My Heart” together with producer Henri Meijer (Song-Analytics), drummer Juan van Emmerloot (Burnin' the Rules, Stef Burns, Snowy White) and the recently passed Don Willard (sound engineer Beach Boys, Ron Wood).

Her compassion for people reveals itself when she starts Lamento: Live Music at Funerals and together with Leopold they played special songs and music at funerals and memorials. Besides that she gives music lessons, singing and songwriting lessons/workshops and coaching.

In 2014 Leopold’s health issues take the upper hand - he develops among others gout in his hands  and he’s not able to play for 2 years. That’s the moment when Elrieke has to let go of her teacher and mentor and she goes her own way. She learns to stand on her own two feet and - along with all Leopold has taught her - she develops herself in solo performances. Besides that she meets a lot of other musicians and discovers a whole new side of making music.

After Leopold regains his health they are also back on stage again; as a duo and in several tribute projects. They enjoy every minute of it until Poldy very sadly and unexpectedly passes away in August 2018. Elrieke promises Leopold that she will continue what they've started.

Now a days Elrieke works 3 days a week as a social worker and she combines her love for people with her passion for music.

She takes part in several music projects:

  • solo

  • Elrieke & Friends: together with bas player Peter Sorg, percussionist Roy Barkey and pedalsteel guitarist Harrie Brekelmans

  • Cohen Tribute: together with guitarist-vocalist Hans Ligtenberg and bass player-vocalist Marco van der Velden

  • Wedding and funeral services


You can find Elrieke on many stages, she gives (house-)concerts, provides background music at several lunch-etablissement, restaurants. On occasion and at request she provides live music at funeral services and wedding services, where people are moved to tears.



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